Artificial intelligence opens a new era in the search for extraterrestrial signals

Has humanity finally picked up messages from elsewhere? The journal Nature Astronomy published a scientific article on Monday January 30 by a team of 17 researchers who say they have spotted 8 “interesting” signals as part of a search for extraterrestrial intelligence based on a new and promising method. This study is the result of … Read more

Stok launches its first eligible DDA training course for insurance brokers and intermediaries (by RiskAssur published by FRANOL Services)

To write a comment Stoïk launches its first DDA-eligible training course for insurance brokers and intermediaries Article read 1113 times, since its publication on 01/31/2023 at 13:23:20 (length: 4833 characters) Stoïk, an underwriting agency specializing in cyber risk in Europe, has created the “Understanding & insuring cyber risk” training course for all insurance brokers and … Read more

Real estate loan and borrower insurance (by RiskAssur published by FRANOL Services)

To write a comment Home loan and borrower insurance Article read 477 times, since its publication on 01/31/2023 at 07:47:59 (length: 2681 characters) What is borrower insurance? Borrower insurance is compulsory insurance for any mortgage and for a long time the question of where to insure your loan did not arise, the insurance offered by … Read more

“Medicare and liberal doctors, the same team”

By Thomas Fatome Published 1 minute ago, Update 1 minute ago Thomas Fatôme, Director General of Health Insurance (photo taken on May 5, 2015 in Paris). STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN/AFP TRIBUNE – The Director General of Health Insurance invites liberal doctors to become partners in responding to the crisis of access to care which is shaking … Read more

Wizyoo Courtage becomes DeFI Assurance (by RiskAssur edited by FRANOL Services)

To write a comment Wizyoo Brokerage becomes CHALLENGE Insurance Article read 742 times, since its publication on 01/26/2023 at 15:59:12 (length: 3726 characters) The insurtech Wizyoo Courtage becomes DÉFI Assurance and announces new ambitions. DÉFI Assurance offers an insurance offer for SMEs/ETIs and tailor-made support to compare extra-financial criteria in the insurance sector. DÉFI Assurance … Read more

Microsoft will invest billions in the company behind ChatGPT

OpenAI, also known for the similar program Dall-E, needs Microsoft’s money and technical capabilities to process huge amounts of data. ChatGPT has attracted many users in a short time by producing easy-to-read texts based on artificial intelligence. With the money raised, OpenAI aims to “continue to conduct independent research and develop secure artificial intelligence”. With … Read more

Microsoft lays off 10,000 people

The rumor had been strong for a few days. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft confirmed it: the company is cutting 10,000 jobs, causing as many layoffs. The latter represent 5% of all employees. The CEO indicated that all these people would be supported for several months, in different forms: severance pay “ superior to what … Read more

Amazon fined 90,000 euros per day for “unbalanced” clauses

The DGCCRF also ordered the platform to comply with the European regulation “promoting fairness and transparency for companies using online intermediation services”. Amazon is penalized with a fine of 90,000 euros per day for not having complied with an injunction from the repression of Fraud concerning the presence of clauses “unbalancedin its contracts with traders … Read more

Health Insurance calls for a call for tenders for the Health Data Hub

The Health Data Hub, a megafile of French health data, must be the subject of a “call for tenders with the establishment of an independent commissionto choose its new host to replace Microsoft, said the Board of Directors of Health Insurance in a notice published Thursday. “Deprecatedby the controversy, the Health Data Hub needs to … Read more

record first-half profitability in non-life insurance

Swiss insurer Zurich Insurance reported record profitability in its non-life insurance business in the first half of the year on Thursday, driven by business insurance contracts and agricultural crop coverage. Read alsoZurich Insurance sells life insurance business in Germany Its combined ratio, the reference indicator for assessing the profitability of insurers, stood at 91.9%, the … Read more