Student: how to choose the right home insurance?

When you become a student, problems begin to arise… And in particular that of home insurance, which you have to choose carefully!

A student’s first steps can quickly become complex. New city, new life, new apartment… “Adult” details then slip in in everyday life. MCETV explains how to choose your home insurance!

Insurance is mandatory

Because arriving in a new apartment requires a lot of details. And above all, insurance. In fact, it is necessary predict the damage you can cause in it…Or even that nature or other people might cause. We must therefore look into the subject.

First, you should know that a student must take out insurance, as a roommate or solo. This insurance thus makes it possible to cover four types of damage from his new housing : fires, water damage, glass breakage and theft. But that’s only four…

The insurance also covers civil liability. For example, this means that the TV in your apartment, which your landlord bought, is not yours. But you can break it… This is when civil liability comes in to save you.

Insurance is therefore a necessary step in order to have student accommodation. Moreover, there are some that may cover other details. If your house or apartment has a garden, you can also insure it, through dedicated home insurance.

When you sign your leaseso you have to think about what you will have to insure. This also concerns furnished, as well as unfurnished. Whether you are alone or with a roommate, you will be obliged to take out insurance for your rental.

Student: which contract to choose?

You should also know that an insurance contract for a roommate generally costs less than a contract for accommodation alone. Some companies do not offer the colocation option : it is therefore necessary to check that the possible contracts match your needs.

Next, some insurers have thought of young people first. StudyAssur received the 2021 housing insurance award. A student can quickly find his happiness there. And this, from around twenty euros per year: a price below the competition.

There thus exists insurance comparators that help you to see it more clearly. Because depending on your situation, whether you are in a house or an apartment, furnished or not, with a garden or not, the price of your insurance can quickly rise.

So check the options offered by the company. Because depending on the boxes you tick, even just before signing, the price can go up. And a few euros a month, when you’re a student, can quickly make a very significant difference.

Whether you are looking for urgent accommodation, so you have to be careful not to jump on the first comer. Because the more expensive the rent, the more the charges and the insurance that we take out behind seem expensive. Better weigh the pros and cons.

To choose the best insurance for your apartment, also check the reviews already given. Because price isn’t everything. If you pay less, but are let down in the event of a claim, it might be better to take out a slightly more expensive contract.

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