Strike at Amazon: all logistics sites are concerned in France

All Amazon logistics sites are on strike. While discussions were held in the context of wage negotiations, they were deemed insufficient. This therefore caused the discontent of the employees, more than a thousand of whom walked off the job between Sunday and Tuesday, various union sources said. “The eight logistics sites are affected by the movement. In Brétigny, Bove, Chalon-sur-Saône this took the form of filtering trucks at the exit. We counted up to 1,200 strikers”, indicates Alain Jeault ( CGT). A figure similar to that produced by Morgane Boulard (CFDT) and Hakim Taoufik (CAT). The employees were called to strike from Monday by the five representative unions (Sud, CFDT, CGT, CAT, CFE-CGC) of the e-commerce giant.

“The management has proudly come forward to offer us a general, derisory increase of 3%, something unacceptable given the current context. We are asking for a general salary increase of at least 5%”, claim the signatory organizations in a joint leaflet. “All the sites were affected but not at the same height, according to Hakim Taoufik. Some sites mobilized up to 70%. In Saran, certain services had to be closed. This had a big impact. In Brétigny, 200 300 people found themselves outside during the night shift”. Tuesday morning, the moment continued, in particular in Boves, where a walkout was planned until 3:30 p.m., indicated Gwenael Lefebvre, CGT union representative on the spot.


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“Keep Up the Pressure”

CGT, CAT and CFDT also point out that unlimited strike notices have been filed. “We will keep up the pressure. In what form, we will see,” said Alain Jeault as the next meeting as part of the NAO (mandatory annual negotiation) is scheduled for April 14.

The movement has “no impact on the ability to serve customers” or on “daily activity”, assured Amazon, specifying that “the majority of its employees” had resumed their position. In a statement, the company responded to trade unionists on Tuesday: “We are proud to offer attractive wages and benefits to our employees.” Stating that the discussions are “still in progress”, the group also puts forward a proposal for an increase “twice as high” as what is done in the sector, as well as the allocation of one free share per year, with a current value of more than 3,000 euros. “Other benefits are also discussed, including authorized days of absence, an end-of-year bonus, an increase in retirement compensation,” adds the company.

To cope with the cyclical increase in the cost of living, Amazon also recalls having doubled the government inflation bonus from December 2021. “Employees also benefit from a transport bonus (16 euros per month) and a sustainable mobility package (41 euros per month) introduced during the 2021 salary negotiations”, concludes Amazon. “Employees can’t take it anymore,” warns Hakim Taoufik. “They see the rise in the minimum wage and are afraid of becoming smicards”.

Amazon, whose employees in the United States recorded a historic victory with the first establishment of a union in a New York site, ensures that after two years of seniority, its French employees receive an hourly wage (12.12 euros, 12.48 euros in the event of an increase of 3%) “by more than 25% above the Smic”.

On May 1, the minimum remuneration in France will however flirt with 10.85 euros gross per hour. Only a few cents from the current hourly wage for Amazon France (10.88 euros, 11.20 euros with a 3% increase).


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