Starlink becomes a prime target for Russian military in Ukraine

Elon Musk may well pay dearly for his decision to provide Starlink antennas to the Ukrainian people. After an assassination attempt on the former director of the Russian space program, the country announced the confiscation of several of these antennas. In the aftermath, the government revealed that it was working on its own satellite Internet offer.

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Last month, Dmitry Rogozin, former director of Russia’s space program, was the subject of an assassination attempt at his headquarters in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine. According to the latter, the attack was partly coordinated by Western forces – which also prompted him to send a sample of the shell used to Emmanuel Macron. And it could be that Starlink finds itself in the dock.

If Dmitry Rogozin did not directly cite Elon Musk’s program as the culprit, the latter nevertheless recently coordinated the confiscation of many antennas offered to the Ukrainian population by SpaceX. “We know what damage the Starlink space communication systems used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces as well as subscriber equipment have caused us”he justified in an interview.

Russian military confiscates Starlink antennas donated to Ukrainians by SpaceX

So it would seem that Russia did not appreciate Elon Musk’s outburst of philanthropy at the start of the war very much. Indeed, from the start of the conflict, the country tried to undermine Ukrainian communications, in addition to deploying mass malware, with the aim of degrading the morale of the population. Despite everything, the Russian army seems to recognize the usefulness of such technology. To the point of developing its own solution.

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“Of course, I think that satellite communications must exist within the army”, explains Dmitry Rogozin, adding that prototypes “have been used as exclusively civilian technologies” and that it already has ” good results “. Rogozin also announced that anti-jamming technology is currently in development. This could explain this sudden interest of the Russian army for the SpaceX satellite system.

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