SpaceX requests permission to operate Starlink in Tunisia

SpaceX, the American company specializing in the field of astronautics and space flight, founded by Elon Musk, would be taking the necessary steps to operate Starlink in another African country, reports Carthagemag.

Starlink aims to provide high-speed Internet connection across the world through a constellation of 42,000 satellites placed in low orbit by 2027.

Tunisia’s communications technology ministry worked with SpaceX to create a license to operate in the country.

With Tunisian telecommunications strong, the license would allow SpaceX to operate in rural and remote areas of the country.

Although this is not a good location for SpaceX in terms of profitability, it would allow it to get a foothold in the sector once government regulations are fulfilled.

SpaceX did not comment on the process and did not confirm whether it was working with Tunisian authorities.

SpaceX also did not indicate the pricing that would be put in place. However, it is assumed that it would be similar to that practiced in other countries, ie 599 USD for the antenna, the router and the start-up costs.

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