SpaceX pushes all the boundaries of space

SpaceX’s Starship has been chosen by NASA as the lunar lander for its Artemis 3 mission and an upgraded version has already been ordered for the future Artemis 4 mission. Press service

DECRYPTION – Elon Musk’s company, which plans 100 launches in 2023, dominates the market for orbital flights thanks to the Falcon 9 rocket and that of constellations with Starlink.

SpaceX kicked off the space year on January 3 with a bang. Its Falcon 9 rocket launched 114 satellites in one shot, on behalf of several customers, celebrated its 200e successful flight as well as the 160e made with the reusable version of the launcher and, icing on the cake, the 15e reuse of a first floor. The second launch was scheduled for Monday night with the deployment of 40 satellites on behalf of the OneWeb constellation.

After this start on the hats of wheels, Elon Musk, the iconic founder of the American company, has, as usual, set a very ambitious objective for 2023: to achieve 100 launches. To achieve this, SpaceX will have to increase its production rates by nearly 50%, optimize its logistics and the availability of launch pads in the United States. Despite this, the objective seems credible, after a historic vintage.

Most flights would only take fifteen to twenty minutes

Elon Musk, founding CEO of SpaceX, on the reusable starship still in the prototype stage

2022 confirmed the Falcon 9 as the world leader in orbital launches, with 61 successful launches, including 23 for the…

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