SpaceX passes its static firing test

The American company specializing in astronautics SpaceX carried out a new test of its future spacecraft last Tuesday. The operation involved putting the Starship and SuperHeavy segment engines through their paces in a static launch with ground simulation. The test was conclusive, although not all the engines had been started.

Static launch

SpaceX has decided to change its method of testing prototypes of its Starship rocket following the failures of recent years. Since 2021, the company has stopped testing in the sky to adopt a ground-based approach, which is less risky and less expensive.

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On August 9, 2022, SpaceX performed a static firing of the 24th copy in Texas. During this test, three Raptor engines were ignited to simulate the launch. The first two were assigned to the Starship upper segment (consisting of Falcon 9 rockets), while the third was part of the Super Heavy booster batch.

According to SpaceX, this is a shot incomplete however, she claimed that everything went well. It should be remembered that this kind of test is crucial to check the proper functioning of the components before an operational flight.

A new milestone for SpaceX

For SpaceX, the success of the static launch of the Starship is a milestone. Last July, Elon Musk’s company carried out a test of the Super Heavy Booster 7 booster, but the latter had exploded, without causing significant damage.

Today SpaceX is confident in the efficiency of its thruster and wants to achieve its goal of launching Starship’s orbital flight in 2022. The company has increased its Falcon 9 rocket launch operations to reach 52 launches before the end of the ‘year.

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