SpaceX Celebrates Falcon 9’s 15th Successful Launch With Stunning Video

It is a very symbolic event. The Falcon 9’s first launch in 2023 is the company’s 200th. It is also the fifteenth time that it reuses certain parts of the Falcon 9.

It was on January 3, 2023 at 4 p.m., from the Florida base of the USSF, that the SpaceX’s Falcon 9 propelled himself into the air as part of the Transport mission 6. The latter was to place 114 communication satellites in orbit or, prepare them to be, in a space tug. Such a record and such an achievement is well worth a video.

SpaceX therefore shared on Twitter the launch and landing of the first stage of Falcon 9. The images shot in real time by a camera located on the first stage give us a better idea of ​​​​the technical prowess that represents each lift-off and each rocket recovery. The mission will have lasted 515 seconds. That’s all the time it took him to take off from his base and land in the designated area.

SpaceX has put 114 small communications satellites into orbit

Astronomy and space exploration enthusiasts await SpaceX at even more dizzying heights. The DearMoon mission particularly attracts attention. This will be the Starship’s first space voyage to complete a flight to the Moon before returning to Earth. It will carry 10 to 12 people, including six to eight handpicked artists. This flight was supposed to take place in 2023, but the company does not really give a date.

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Starship does not seem ready to fly anytime soon. Its spacecraft’s first- and second-stage engines have not yet proven to work, and the company keeps pushing back its first test flight. In the longer term, Elon Musk plans to use Starship to explore Mars and found a human colony there. SpaceX still has seven years to fulfill the objectives set by its leader.

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