So you can sync your bookmarks between your Samsung phone and Microsoft Edge

One of the problems with the disparity of the Windows-Android ecosystem is the synchronization of elements of our browser. Using Microsoft Edge on Android, we can solve this problem by syncing content to our Microsoft account. However, we are limited to the Microsoft browser, whose performance is at least improveable in the Google operating system.

Another option is to use Google Chrome on Windows and Android and jump through the Google hoop, but what if I want to use, say, Samsung Internet Browser on my phone and Microsoft Edge on Windows? Until now they had to live separately, but Samsung has released an extension that allows interoperability between the two platforms.

Samsung Internet Browser will sync bookmarks with a new extension

Samsung’s Internet extension has been available for a while in the Chrome Web Store. However, it didn’t work as well as it should and the sync was one way from phone to PC. Now, with the Samsung Internet Browser version 19 beta, the South Korean company has announced an update for this extension.

Although, in principle, this add-on is designed for Chrome, it is worth remembering that we can install extensions on Microsoft Edge from the Chrome Web Store. Therefore, we will be able to install the new version of the plugin and access the markup of the Samsung Internet browser from the Microsoft browser.

On our PC, all we have to do is search for the “Samsung Internet” plugin in the Chrome Web Store and log into our Samsung account. Clicking on the extension, we click on “Chrome Bookmarks” and click on “Import”. Once done, we will have our Microsoft Edge bookmarks available on our phone with the Samsung browser.

Of course, on the phone, we will need to have bookmark synchronization enabled. To do this, from the Samsung Internet browser, we go to Settings> Synchronize with Samsung Cloud and activate the bookmarks option.

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