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In collaboration with Alexandra Coutlée, coordinator of educational services at École branchée

It’s back to school and you have a thousand and one things in mind. To help you, we have reviewed the new features deployed by the major manufacturers of digital tools and platforms that you may use at school. In this series, we’ll show you some changes and improvements that should catch your attention.

Today, here are the new features spotted in Microsoft’s tools. Some were presented by educational advisor Stéphane Lavoie to the Community of Practice for the Management of Information Technology in Education (CPGTIE) in June 2022.

Note that the new features announced are not all deployed at the same time to all users. We invite you to refer to your local RÉCIT or to the IT services of your school in order to check the availability of the functionalities.


  • New home page for the class in Teams
  • Classes of 1000 students possible in the functions Assignments and grades
  • Now works in Firefox web browser (audio only with screen sharing)
  • Added Flexible Presenter Mode (choose location on image and size of video)
  • Possible collaborative work in a shared channel with external people
  • Join a Teams meeting with an ID without having an account
  • Ability to integrate Moodle courses into a Teams team (see this tutorial in English)

for homework

  • Check reading progress (in the Homework function)
  • Scan an assignment from the mobile device (possible to upload several pages)
  • Submitting an assignment to the student in student mode
  • Receive a notification when assignments are handed in
  • Provide video or file feedback

Regarding audio and video

Work organization and efficiency

  • Improvements in taking attendance
  • Chat View Changes (Compact Mode)
  • Use of color in the calendar
  • Improvement in search results
  • View Insights data (compiled student data that identifies students who may need additional support)

Immersive Reader

  • Added 9 new languages ​​and a visual dictionary of 6000 images


  • Improvements to the display of poll results and an automatic reminder option in Microsoft Forms
  • Limit Microsoft Forms quizzes over time
  • Ability to drop and embed TikTok videos directly into OneNote

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Have you noticed any other new features in these tools or other applications that you regularly use with your students? Let us know by writing to info@ecolebranchee.com

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