School supplies on sale on Amazon

The site is launching a series of Flash sales from August 22 to September 5. The key: low prices on the essentials.

Schoolbags, kits, notebooks… All your office supplies at a reduced price

Amazon’s Flash sales are for all categories on the site. High-tech, clothing or appliances include their own discounts. As the new school year approaches, all supplies are also available at reduced prices.

Amazon has many offers on the brands of the Hamelin group, the leader in stationery. With major brands, such as Oxford, it offers sure values. This set of stapled notebooks at €9.06 instead of €10.66 proves it.

Education and office automation: complete your range with Fellowes

Another great brand is present. Fellowes produces sometimes very specific office supplies. It is thus able to meet specific needs.

During the Amazon Flash sales, you will find the Sola A4 laminator at 23.57€ instead of 27.10€. Lightweight, capable of laminating pouches up to 125 microns, it is one of the essential office equipment.

Selection of furniture for the home: an example by Bontec

It’s hard to work efficiently without a proper office. On Amazon, solutions of all shapes and sizes are available, most often with a smashing price.

An excellent example is currently given with Bontec’s monitor riser. At €37.99 instead of €47.59, it offers a sober and versatile color. Here in its width of 42 cm with 2 floors, it is also available in other formats.

UHU: the low-cost glue specialist

We all know the famous UHU glue sticks. Adopted by schoolchildren and office workers alike, they are easy to handle and provide quick grip.

The UHU range available on the Amazon site is particularly extensive. It is not content with traditional glue sticks, but also offers gel glue or glue rollers, such as this non-permanent roller whose price is reduced by 19%.

These are not the only good deals to discover on Amazon on the occasion of the start of the school year. The site will continue to multiply offers on supplies, but also on its other categories. Don’t wait until the last minute to equip yourself.

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