Russian army claims to have captured internet terminals

Russia claims to have captured Starlink terminals and is in the process of developing its own satellite network.

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The war in Ukraine is not just a war that features the latest technology in terms of heavy weapons and artillery. This is the first time that we have also witnessed a confrontation from space. In effect, satellite networks and telecommunications have become a decisive weapon because it allows to better spy and identify enemy positions. SpaceX is on the front line because Elon Musk’s company has put its Starlink network into orbit around the Earth, which brings together a number of satellites that orbit our planet to provide high-speed Internet access.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Russia has consistently targeted strategic locations for energy and electricity sources in order to cut off Internet access for as long as possible, in particular to Ukrainian troops. This is one of the reasons why the Ukrainian army has supplied Starlink terminals. These terminals were used so that Ukrainian artillery could effectively target precise Russian army positions as well as Russian officials to be eliminated.

Russia strikes back with its own satellite internet network

To counter the Ukrainian strategy, the Russian army has just announced that it has developed its own satellite system for military communications on the battlefield. The former head of the Russian space agency, Rogozin, had been the target of an assassination attempt and this one accuses Westerners of having notably used Starlink to locate him in a restaurant. The Russian army’s satellite communications system, on the other hand, comes from a civilian system that has been adapted for military purposes.

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Faced with the controversy against SpaceX, Elon Musk came out of silence and publicly declared that SpaceX cannot be solely responsible for providing high-speed Internet by satellite with Starlink without the help of the American military. Elon Musk no longer wants to provide Starlink for free and wants the Pentagon to do it too because he claims to have already spent more than $100 million last year.

Moreover, given that the Ukrainian army is increasingly using the Starlink network in its offensive military operations against the Russians, Elon Musk fears that his system could become the victim of serial hacking or that the terminals could become targets of the Russian army.

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