Reese Witherspoon and Gigi Hadid are crazy about this face wash available on Amazon

If there is one thing we love to discover, it is the little beauty secrets of the most fashionable people of the moment. Actresses, singers or models, starlets around the world are full of cosmetic treasures to take care of their skin, and we gladly copy a few tips from them.
Recently, actress Rise Witherspoon and model Gigi Hadid revealed that they use this very affordable cleansing product to take care of their skin.

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Available on Amazon, this cleansing treatment from the Cetaphil brand seems to have won the hearts of the two starlets who swear by it to cleanse and refresh their face after a long day in the spotlight.
If Reese Witherspoon declares that she uses it to cleanse her face and that she even travels with it, Gigi Hadid for her part calls her to the rescue after her long days at work and affirms: “Whenever I work a lot, whether I wear a lot of make-up, or just came back from a shoot, I use Cetaphil because I really feel like it cleanses my skin effectively”.

Enriched with Glycerin, Vitamin B3 and Provitamin B5, the Cetaphil cleanser has a balanced pH that protects the skin and helps maintain an optimal level of hydration throughout the day.
Effective in gently ridding the skin of impurities and make-up residues, it is suitable for both sensitive and baby skin, and cleanses effectively by leaving a moisturizing and protective film on the skin.
Essential for regaining clean and fresh skin after a long day, this cleanser is essential for a top-notch skincare routine.

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