Reacher Season 2: The great return of the Amazon series is finally announced!

This American television series created by Nick Santora is actually an adaptation of the novels by Lee Child first published in 1997. These novels follow and tell the story of the character of jack reacher. The first season released on February 4, 2022 on Amazon’s streaming platform (Prime Video) is largely inspired by the first novel in the saga titled “From the Bottom of the Abyss” or in its original language: Killing Floor.
The author of the novels is at the top of the list of producers of the series alongside Nick Santora, Scott Sullivan and Don Granger. He will attend the creation of the series, having for will that the written work be respected to the maximum and well represented by the series. This is in total opposition to the work of interpretation of Christopher McQuarrie in the movies jack reacher (2012) and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016) where appeared for the leading role Tom Cruise. However, we find Christopher McQuarrie alongside Nick Santora and Lee Child for the production of the series. The three men combine their three artistic minds to create a series of quality.
Following the success of this first season and the positive reception from critics, Amazon did not take long before announcing that a season 2 is on the program. It is indeed at the end of February 2022, the same month of the broadcast that the platform announces this return.
For the moment no information concerning this second season has been revealed, here is the trailer of season 1 to put you in context:

Jack Reacher, an anti-hero?

Jack Reacher is a former member of the military police who travels the country living off odd jobs. He is portrayed by the American actor Alan Ritchsonthis casting choice by Lee Child is not innocent, he explains this:

Reacher’s size is really, really important and a big part of who he is. The idea is that when Reacher walks into a room, you’re all a little nervous just the first minute. And Cruise, for all his talent, didn’t have that physique.

The bet is won, Alan Ritchson is hailed for his acting by the critics who see in him a very convincing Jack Reacher.
Jack finds himself one day in the town of Margrave in Georgia where he finds himself in detention for a crime he did not commit. This is then the opportunity for him to make a more than noticed impression with the local police. He will discover that the victim of the crime of which he is innocent is none other than his oldest brother who was on the trail of a counterfeit money trafficking case.

Jack Reacher then goes in search of revenge and blood while trying to solve this mystery that his brother had flushed out.
He will meet Roscoe Conklin played by the American actress Willa Fitzgerald. They will become an effective duo and a special relationship will develop between them.

A season 2 on the program?

As Amazon announced in February 2022, Reacher will return for a season 2! It promises to be just as bloody and explosive as the first and that delighted the fans who expect no less!
For the curious who can’t wait for the trailer, you can fall back on Lee Child’s books that tell the exact story of Jack Reacher. For those who don’t want to spoil themselves, you’ll have to wait until 2023according to Amazon this season 2 should be released next year!
We will keep you informed of any progress in the series and its production.
here are some casting information published on the official Instagram account of the series:

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