Ranking of engineering schools, quantum computer, the future of Elon Musk’s SpaceX … The five most read articles

1 – 131 French engineering schools screened

Like every beginning of the year, L’Usine Nouvelle publishes its Ranking of French engineering schools. A decision-making tool to help you choose the right course. General and thematic classification, school sheets, decryptions… Many options are available to select the school best suited to their profile and professional project, whether post-baccalaureate or Bac+2, on Parcoursup or not.

2 – [L’instant tech] When L’Usine Nouvelle tests Quandela’s photonic quantum computer

With the help of Yoann Pietri, a doctoral student at the Sorbonne University’s computer science laboratory (LIP6), L’Usine Nouvelle took control of the photonic quantum computer of the start-up Quandela, thanks to exclusive access to their cloud service. . What to offer a small immersion in quantum programming on the first European processor accessible online. Between misunderstanding and fascination.

3 – [L’aéro-post] By plunging Twitter, is Elon Musk jeopardizing the conquest of space?

The controversial takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk has cast doubt, on the side of investors, on the billionaire’s ability to carry out all his projects. As Tesla falters, could the SpaceX company falter in turn and weaken major space programs?

4 – At the RATP, the Castex method praised for its pragmatism and attentiveness

The agreement signed by the two majority unions (UNSA and FO) on the working time and remuneration of bus drivers seems to have made it possible to defuse, at least in part, the crisis which was brewing at the RATP. A first success for its new CEO, Jean Castex.

5 – 1083 relocates the manufacture of its jeans buttons to France

Ugigrip, a Drôme manufacturer of studs for winter tires, produces buttons for 1083 people. A way to further increase the “made in France” tropism of this brand of jeans.

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