PS5: the console is back in stock on Amazon, in very limited quantities!

By Emilie Gilles

– Posted on August 24, 2022 at 10:53
– Updated on August 24, 2022 at 10:53

Highly requested like the Xbox Series X, the PS5 is back in stock on Amazon! Being in very limited quantities, there will not be enough for everyone.

After the shortages that affect the world of computing and, by extension, that of gaming, many have not yet been able to obtain the latest consoles released. The geeks were then faced with a real hassle to obtain them. As always, some have taken advantage of the situation to resell consoles at exorbitant prices… Unfortunately, the shortages are not likely to stop anytime soon. Tim Stuart, chief financial officer of the gaming branch of Microsoft announced that this problem could last until the end of the year. Similarly, Sony was impacted and declared that their PS5 would be out of stock, also until the end of the year… Maybe even until 2023! Good news for players, it’s finally back in stock on Amazon.

PS5 back in stock on Amazon

To get it, with a controller included, gamers will have to pay €499.99! But before that, they will have to request an invitation… As on the official website. A few lucky ones will then be drawn for the chance to buy it. The obstacle course is therefore not really over for video game addicts! To order it, it’s here that it happens.

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Once you have it in your hands, you will be able to play in Local co-op thanks to this selection of games. If you prefer to play solo, the game stray may please you. This allows you to put yourself in the shoes of a cat and live an immersive adventure. For others, getting the PS5 goes hand in hand with the release ofHogwarts Legacyscheduled for February 10, 2023. For others, the game will also be available on PC and Xbox Series.

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