PS4: Sony big winner of sales against Microsoft

In the console war, Nintendo stands apart and all eyes are on the great duel between Sony and Microsoft. If it was suspected that the Sony console had sold better than that of Microsoft, an official document came to confirm the intuitions.

In a bid to justify the acquisition of Activision Blizzard to Brazilian competition authorities, court documents have surfaced that directly compare sales of Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Victory by KO

Since 2015, Microsoft has refused to release sales figures, saying they weren’t a reliable indicator of success, given that the company has invested heavily in its available Xbox Game Pass offering. on other mediums.

For their part, analysts (such as the company Ampere Analysis) estimated sales of Xbox One at 51 million units in 2020. A figure ultimately close to reality since the documents sent to the Brazilian justice speak of sales 2 times lower than Sony console.

Sony recently released sales figures for its PS4 and announced that it sold 117.2 million consoles (the second highest volume of all time for a home console). As a result, Microsoft must have sold around 58.5 million units, which puts the Xbox One between Nintendo’s NES and SNES.

Source: gameluster

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