#PeopleOverPrime: the reason behind the boycott of Amazon by 70 influencers on TikTok

A group of young influencers, with 51 million followers on TikTok, are calling on Amazon to honor the demands of their employees. As a means of pressure: they refuse any sponsorship of their content by the multinational.

70 influencers, 51 million subscribers, but a fight carried by a single voice. The American activist collective Gen Z for Change, which uses social networks to encourage citizen mobilization, has decided to attack one of the largest companies on the planet: Amazon. For good reason, the activists, who are part of Generation Z – people born in the early 2010s – require the company to respect the demands of its unionized employees. Among the activists, TikTok influencers with millions of subscribers decided to put pressure by refusing any sponsorship or monetization of their own content by the multinational. The campaign, titled “People Over Prime” has already garnered hundreds of thousands of views on TikTok and Twitter.

In support of the Amazon Labor Union, the company’s union, influencers sent a letter to the brand, asking them “listen to their employees and significantly improve working conditions“. The requests include in particular a $30 minimum hourly wage, plus paid time off, or a one-hour lunch breakreports the American media Mashable. In addition, they ask the company to stop his policy of intimidation against union members, such as threats of pay cuts and anti-union meetings.

“A billion usersrices active per month”

Union president Chris Smalls, who was not behind the campaign, welcomed the initiative. “It’s a important fight to fight because Amazon is clearly afraid of the way we use TikTok during our actions“, relates the washington post. Emily Rayna Shaw, content creator with 5.4 million followers on TikTok and having worked with Amazon in the past, explains “want to be able to recommend Amazon products with confidence […]”But I can’t do that until I’m sure they’re treating their employees right,” she added. Amazon spokesman Paul Flaningan said. states that “the health, safety and well-being of [leurs] employees is [leur] priority”.

These last years, the global company has worked hard to connect with influencers on social networks, notably by creating the Amazon Influencer Program in 2017. Through this, content creators can monetize their work through Amazon product placement. The “People Over Prime” campaign could put a stop to these collaborations and the promotion of the multinational on social networks. “TikTok has one billion monthly active users. If nothing changes, we will prevent Amazon from promoting its products on one of the most important social media platforms,” ​​concludes the letter sent by the collective.

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