Pay your insurance premiums… in cryptocurrency, Investments

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An online broker now accepts payment in bitcoin, but also other virtual currencies.

Pay your insurance premiums... in cryptocurrency |  Photo credit: Shutterstock

Pay your insurance premiums… in cryptocurrency | Photo credit: Shutterstock

Paying your insurance premiums in cryptocurrency is now possible with the online broker East Assur. Specializing in automobile, two-wheeler and multi-risk home (MHR) risks for young drivers, disaster victims or those with a lot of penalties, East Assur is positioning itself as a pioneer by claiming to be the only group in the insurance sector to offer this method of payment in in France.

Technically, the customer can pay for his insurance contract directly from his cryptocurrency. East Assur accepts bitcoin but also other cryptocurrencies. The broker has formed a team of specialized advisors to best guide and help customers who wish to use this means of payment.

Insurance solutions in several areas

The insurance products offered, which have been negotiated with the main insurers, are marketed online. East Assur offers insurance solutions in the fields of cars, two-wheelers, housing, health, professional insurance (including taxis and VTC) throughout France. Until now, the broker has made a name for itself above all for its positioning in the aggravated risk niche by finding solutions for people with high penalties, victims, terminated, who have encountered payment difficulties or even young drivers and people with a canceled driving license due to alcohol or narcotics.

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