Outlook will now feature more ads on iOS and Android

The Outlook mobile app offers its users two options to organize their inbox. It’s a single inbox with everything in it, plus a tabbed inbox split into two categories. The first category is the “Focus” category with important messages while the second category, called “Other”, contains everything else.

New in the update

Previously, for free users, ads were placed only in the “More” tab. However, this is no longer the case today. Indeed, the brand also adds in the “single inbox” mode. This change was rolled out over the past few months. This means that it will now be harder for free Outlook mobile users to avoid ads.

So no matter which inbox mode you choose, there will always be advertisements. You’ll see them either at the top of the More tab or at the top of your regular inbox. The only way to avoid these ads in Outlook mobile would be to pay for a Microsoft 365 subscription, Microsoft spokeswoman Caitlin Roulston said in a statement.

How to avoid ads?

She also announced that now all free users will see ads appear in their inbox and they can choose whether or not to enable the “targeted inbox” feature. This option allows you to see announcements only in the “More” inbox. Thus, the advertisements will appear at the very top of the inbox, and they will look like real emails.

However, it is possible to sweep away these advertisements by deleting the e-mail type advertisements. But they will reappear again later. When you click on these ads, they will be displayed in the in-app browser. Faced with these changes, many of the Outlook users have left complaints on the Apple App Store. Some people on Twitter and Reddit have also expressed frustration with the increasing number of ads appearing in Outlook and the fact that they are being forced to sign up for Microsoft 365 to avoid them.



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