Outer Range, the series that is currently a hit on Amazon Prime Video!

Quality series are clearly not what is missing on Amazon Prime Video. Yet given the extent of the catalog, we quickly come to miss the rare pearl. The editorial staff of Fredzone invites you to discover one of the novelties of 2022 which is all the rage on the streaming service.

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science fiction and western

At first glance, to mix the western, the family drama and science fiction would be pure madness. Yet this is the risk that will take Brian Watkins, the creator of Outer Range. The story of the series revolves around Royal Abbot, a simple cattle rancher and landowner in Wyoming. This man’s challenge is to keep his land in the family fold. His ordinary daily life will experience a change after the arrival of Autumn on his farm. Not only does he see a strange black hole appear at the edge of his ranch, but he must also go in search of his stepdaughter Rebecca. A misfortune does not happen alone, the Abbot family also engages in a battle against the Tillerons family, who are trying to monopolize their land.

Why Outer Range catches?

After trying to destroy the world, Josh Brolin, better known as Thanos, returns to us as a proud cowboy and family man from Wyoming. In eight episodes, Outer Range sells us dreams while keeping our feet on the ground. The subjects are distinct from each other, but retain a certain connection. The theme of the family that remains united in the face of a threat beyond comprehension, while undergoing its own demons is skilfully written and interpreted by the actors.

Far from being flawless, Outer Range wants to be interesting, or at least enigmatic. We are far from the laconic western, which puts land and horses into perspective. Here we have mystery and even thriller. The atmosphere of the series rises crescendo, see a little too much. We have to wait for episode four to be in the boots of the Abbot family. The series aims to be deep not only in its exploration of themes, but even more so in a spiritual sense. For those who are fans of metaphysical atmosphere, this series will be perfect!


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