Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure is available…

The partnership agreement between Microsoft and Oracle is not limited to optimal interconnections of their clouds. It also extends to the availability of technology from one to the other’s cloud. Evidenced by the availability of Oracle Database Service for Azure.

Oracle and Microsoft announce this week the general availability ofOracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure customers can easily provision Oracle Database services in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), access them, and use them from the Microsoft cloud environment.
The goal is to offer users migrating their workloads to Azure the ability to connect them to high-performance, high-availability managed Oracle Database services, such as Autonomous Database running on OCI.

For two years and the creation of the partnership between Oracle and Microsoft, business customers of the services of the two clouds have benefited from secure and private interconnections in eleven regions around the world.

Both clouds are building on this collaboration to further simplify the multicloud experience to optimize their performance, scalability, and ability to accelerate their efforts around business modernization. Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure builds on the core functionality of Oracle Interconnect for Azure and enables customers to more easily integrate their workloads on Microsoft Azure with Oracle Database on OCI services.
There are no additional charges, customers will only pay for the Azure or Oracle services they use, such as Azure Synapse or Oracle Autonomous Database.

There’s a well-known myth that claims you couldn’t run real applications on two different clouds. We can now say that’s not true, as we give Oracle and Microsoft customers the ability to easily test and verify the value of combining Oracle databases and Azure applications. No in-depth knowledge of each of our platforms or complex configurations is necessary; anyone can use the Azure portal to harness the combined power of our two clouds said Clay Magouyrk, Executive Vice President, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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