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Life Wealth Evolution 2: Life insurance

HSBC offers Evolution Patrimoine Vie 2, an evolution of the eponymous contract Evolution Patrimoine Vie. The changes relate mainly to the entry ticket, which increases to 10,000 euros for free management. Profiled management remains accessible from €1,000. In addition, management under mandate is only accessible from 150,000 euros of assets under management. Moreover, if an effort has been made on payment fees, going from 4% to 2%, they remain too high. Savers wishing to subscribe to this contract must imperatively negotiate the exemption of fees on payments. Finally, on the side of the management costs of the contract, it is not terrible. Admittedly, these management fees are decreasing according to outstanding amounts, but the competition offering more advantageous, without decreasing, why deprive yourself of it?

Life Wealth Evolution 2: personalized management

HSBC offers 4 types of management for its Evolution Patrimoine life insurance contract. For greater flexibility, each of these options can be set up, terminated and modified whenever you see fit:

  • profiled management: accessible from €1,000 profiled management allows customers to delegate the management of their life insurance to HSBC Investments experts.
  • managed management:Accessible from a deposit of €1,000, managed management allows you to choose between 3 management profiles (prudent, balanced and dynamic).
  • free management: Accessible from a deposit of €10,000, free management is intended for clients wishing to manage their investments on their own. They have the choice of over 97 UCITS, 3 euro funds. The client benefits from 3 management options allowing him to maintain the orientation he has chosen for his investments (progressive investment, securing of capital gains, limitation of losses).
  • management under mandate: accessible from a deposit of €150,000 management under mandate allows HSBC investment experts to take control of your capital. HSBC offers 3 management mandates according to the client’s risk profile (Harmony, World and Opportunity).

Evolution Patrimoine Vie 2: pay attention to the costs!

HSBC offers decreasing management fees on this life insurance policy. Rather high at the start, the decreasing side only benefits wealthy customers. Furthermore 2% deposit fee are reduced to 1.50% in the event of payments made online. An additional discount for contracts with a high proportion of unit-linked outstandings. Charges on reduced payments, subject to exposure to units of account: for any subscription or additional payment online on your life insurance policy HSBC Evolution Patrimoine Vie 2, the entry fees are 0.16%, provided that the initial or additional payments include a minimum of 40% of Units of Account. As a reminder, the pricing of subscriptions and additional payments made with less than 40% of Units of Account is 1.50%.

Performance bonus on the euro fund

Like many insurers with moribund euro funds, a return bonus is offered to savers to encourage them to invest more in units of account, the capital of which the insurer obviously does not guarantee. The conditions for obtaining these bonuses are being configured in our database.

Warning : Investments made in units of account present a risk of capital loss, and are not guaranteed by the insurer. Its commitment is limited to the number of units of account held and not to their value. Past performance is not indicative of future performance and is not constant over time.

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