Oops, this Xbox game is $2,000 on the Microsoft Store

Available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, the game Ball Race 2: Ramp is currently offered at the exorbitant price of 2000 dollars on the Microsoft Store. That’s 100 times the price it’s supposed to cost. A bad handling is obviously at the origin of this error which has still not been corrected.

Big error on the Ball Race 2: Ramp game page © Microsoft Store

As of this writing, the game Ball Race 2: Ramp is priced at $1999 on the Microsoft Store. A huge mistake since this title normally costs around 20 dollars. The game developer probably wanted to enter a decimal point rather than a comma. Mishandling, however, multiplied its price by 100, which greatly amuses Internet users.

“Is it like a discount, why is it so cheap?” quips a Reddit user. Another even suggests that a criminal network is at work. “When you buy it, the developer calls and asks where you want your heroine delivered. I’m only half kidding, this is probably a money laundering and drug scheme”.

Ball Race 2: Ramp currently costs $2000 on the Microsoft Store

When the case will be publicized, the error should be corrected by the developers. And if players have indeed invested the 2000 dollars requested for the game (which is however very unlikely), we dare to hope that they will be reimbursed. Available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC, Ball Race 2: Ramp is easy to understand. The objective is to reach the finish line as quickly as possible with a ball along a course full of suspended and moving platforms.

It is possible to play alone or in pairs. According to the description on the product sheet, Ball Race 2: Ram will put your acuity and your reflexes to the test. Always on the lookout for pricing errors, FIFA 23 was offered at only 6 cents on the Indian Epic Games Store last August. After correcting its error, EA assured that players who bought it at this price will not have to pay anything more.

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