One Outlook, Microsoft’s new email client is about to replace the Mail application

The unified version of Outlook would be almost finalized. Microsoft could deploy it very soon to replace Mail, the native Windows mail client.

For more than two years now, Microsoft has been working on One Outlook, the future replacement for Mail, the mail client installed natively on all Windows PCs. With this new version of Outlook, also known under the code name “Project Monarch”, Microsoft intends to standardize the interface of its messaging client regardless of the platform on which it is run. The firm also hopes to unify its operation by integrating links with other applications in the Windows environment.

Last year, things accelerated somewhat in May, after a Web version of this new version of Outlook leaked. A few days later, Microsoft officially unveiled a first beta version of the One Outlook email client to a handpicked Insider members. We thus discovered the new interface of the application, but also its new functionalities, including a certain number concerning the collaborative aspect.

One Outlook ready to replace Mail

Since the Outlook One beta tests conducted by Microsoft in May 2022, water has flowed under the bridge. The Californian company would now be almost ready to sign Mail’s death warrant in order to replace it with its new email client, on Windows 11 as on Windows 10. Indeed, the Redmond firm has started to deploy a button in the Mail application to invite users to test the Preview of the new mail client. The lucky ones who see this button appear and activate it will then be invited to download it. However, you can now go to the Microsoft Store to download and install Outlook for Windows.

This new version of Outlook can be used, at least for now, in parallel with the current Mail application. It uses an interface very similar to that of the Web version of Outlook. If Microsoft sticks to the features unveiled with the first beta, One Outlook will embark in its final version, Microsoft Loop, a project management application whose different modules that compose it will allow several users to work simultaneously. With this new email client, Microsoft wants to emphasize collaborative work, and make the tool the central application to manage your entire working day.


While waiting for Microsoft to decide to deploy this Preview more widely, it will probably be necessary to wait a few more weeks before being able to test the new functionalities of the Mail replacement.

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