On Netflix and Amazon Prime Video: 2 films and a series that are hard to watch this weekend

The recipe for happiness: dough, sugar. With the dough you make pancakes and you put sugar on it. Otherwise, second less calorie recipe: you follow the example of the editorial staff of CNET France and you dive into the catalogs of Netflix streaming platforms and Amazon Prime Video. We came back with three great programs.

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This weekend, we succumb to the charm of Bébél in The misfitwe admire Charlize Theron breaking jaws in Atomic Blondeand we say goodbye to our favorite vikings in the last part of season 6 of… vikingsnecessarily.

What movies and series to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video this weekend?

A movie that shows who’s boss: The Marginal (Netflix)


Boss of the narcotics squad in Marseille, commissioner Philippe Jordan has only one objective: to arrest the drug lord Sauveur Meccaci. Become embarrassing for his superiors, the cop is transferred to Paris. But, on the spot, he realizes that Meccaci also has influence in the capital. Determined, he will resort to all methods to put an end to the traffic, even if it means evolving outside the law.

The opinion of CNET France

In the early 80’s, Jacques Deraydirector of several major films including The swimming pooltrades Alain Delon, his long-time partner, for the one who already gave the reply to the latter in Borsalinoby the same filmmaker: John Paul Belmondo.

Together, and very well helped by the screenwriter Michael Audiardthey sign with The misfit a pure Babyl juice. A tough cop, ladies’ man and above all a daredevil in chief who never refuses a stunt, Belmondo occupies a role that he now masters to perfection for a detective action film, certainly classic, but undeniably effective.

Quite simply because, for who loves this part of the actor’s career, The misfit makes us the total with starter, main course and dessert. Helicopter jump on a speedboat at full speed, bumper car chase in Paris, slaps at each place visited and rhythmic exchanges of lead, the recipe works because it refuses nothing.

The misfit does not spare itself a certain darkness either, plunging into the slums of capital where one sells one’s charms and where drugs are bought in plain sight. A Paris by night enhanced by the score ofEnnio Morricone himself. And if every person quoted in these paragraphs does not push you towards The misfitthere is nothing more we can do for you.

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A feminine James Bond: Atomic Blonde (Amazon Prime Video)


Sent to Berlin, the secret agent Lorraine Broughton must accomplish a highly delicate mission with only contact David Percival, the head of the local station. Then begins a fool’s game that will test both his strength of seduction and his muscular persuasive skills.

The opinion of CNET France

Co-director of John Wickfather of Deadpool 2 and recent Bullet Train, David Leitch made his solo debut in 2017 with Atomic Blondea well-camped spy action film by the sculptural Charlize Theron.

We are not going to hide it, the film in itself has nothing exceptional besides the performance of the actress (whom we love without any objectivity). The scenario does not bring anything new to the genre and it is not in the story that we will find any interest.

But Atomic Blonde remains a little entertaining pleasure as soon as it lets go of its bombast a little to let the actress’ physique express itself, both under the spell of a neon light and when it comes to knocking out bad guys in packs of twelve .

Because if not original, Atomic Blonde is especially effective in its well-executed action scenes which avoid overcutting, which is all too common in recent productions. All sprinkled with a touch of British humor with a nice effect. In such a way that the feature film is really appreciated when we agree not to take it seriously and to accept it as it is: a well-deserved badass break.

  • A trailer that worships Charlize Theron:

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A series that takes care of its conclusion: Vikings, season 6 part 2 (Netflix)


The Vikings must stand together as the threat from the East hangs over their kingdoms more than ever. For the last children of Ragnar, the story comes to an end.

The opinion of CNET France

Everything has an end (except the sausage which has two) and vikings is no exception – although a spin-off is already available on the streaming platform. The series ends its story around Ragnar and his sons as it led: in blood. For its last episodes, the show does not want – and we understand – to surprise, preferring to conclude with panache and crash.

By taking many liberties with the story of these warriors from the North, the series takes us as much to distant lands as to well-known lands, as if to close the loop while offering some exit doors. Escape or fatality, the story is not so much about fate or the Gods as about the choice of men.

So inevitably, we will be enthusiastic or we will cringe at the conclusion that awaits each character, but in both cases, we appreciate that the writers do not forget anyone while reserving some nice surprises for us.

And too bad if the show keeps a few facilities to achieve its ends or sometimes falls into a repetition, it’s not as if it hadn’t already accustomed us to it. vikings was not a perfect series, but it will remain a sacred piece that will have thrilled us until the end. It is more than enough.

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