On Netflix and Amazon Prime Video: 2 films and a series for a pleasant evening

The only problem of a day? Because it only lasts twenty-four hours! So inevitably, you have to make choices… of viewing of course. No worries, the drafting of CNET France is there to save you from wasting too much time in your research by having selected the best of the catalogs of SVoD streaming platforms Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

This evening, we are invited to discover a preview of a unique park in the world in Jurassic Parkwe try to rebuild our life far from the fields of war in the second part of Vinland Sagaand we try to find meaning in our lives in a society on the verge of chaos in Joker.

What movies and series to watch tonight on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video?

A timeless classic: Jurassic Park (Amazon Prime Video)


Billionaire John Hammond invites a group of experts to show them his greatest achievement: the cloning of dinosaurs in a theme park. Two species separated by millions of years will meet, what could go wrong?

The opinion of CNET France

We could sum up a whole opinion by simply saying “thank you Steven Spielberg “. In 1993, the boss dared a crazy challenge: resuscitate the dinosaurs. Almost thirty years later, Jurassic Park still remains the cult work of a generation that will have marked the cinema with its Tyrannosaurus imprint.

How not to see in John Hammond a Steven Spielberg who has just opened Pandora’s box by realizing the unthinkable and putting us in contact with large extinct critters with the excitement of a child? For this, we must salute the magnificent work of ILM and Stan Winston who, by using animatronics and other special effects, have literally offered immortality to these dinos, here insensitive to the aging of future digital effects.

What the director has accomplished is to offer us a childhood dream within an entertainment that spares each of its effects before releasing his T-Rex during a sequence that has become legendary. Frightening, fun, impressive, no qualifier is missing when you open the doors of Jurassic Park.

It’s a film that you can know by heart and yet still have a burst of excitement as soon as the theme of John Williams launches its first notes. A timeless film that all the sequels, including the second part still signed Spielberg, have only revalorized by never managing to get closer to it. An unsurpassable.

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An animation series that takes us by surprise: Vinland Saga part 2 (Netflix)


Now aimless since Askeladd’s death, Thorfinn lives a life of slavery, haunted by the ghosts of his past. Meanwhile, King Canute seeks to consolidate his power.

The opinion of CNET France

Alright, we’re cheating a bit since all of season 2 of Vinland Saga is not available on Netflix (one episode every Monday). But for anyone who has followed the first season and, even better, Makoto Yukimura’s manga, this return cannot, sorry, be avoided. Why ? Simply because this is where it all begins.

Yes, forget everything you thought you knew or anticipated about the rest of Thorfinn’s adventures. This season 2 could be considered the first as it is here that the story will really begin for the characters, the youth of our hero serving almost only as a slightly misleading appetizer.

The first episodes also set the tone: the story moves away from the brutal world of Viking conquests to immerse us in the consequences of the latter. The opportunity to discover not only another facet of this Scandinavian society (slavery), but also for the characters to become aware of their place in it.

Vinland Saga therefore becomes a story of introspection, of redemption, of a friendship between a victim and a former executioner, each reduced to the same condition, but with the possibility of starting from scratch. You thought to continue a series of war? Welcome to a human adventure.

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A surprising rewrite of an iconic figure: Joker (Netflix)


Arthur Fleck is a man suffering from a behavior disorder, still living with his mother and earning his living by playing clowns. And while around him the revolt rumbles between the population and the powerful of the city, he will begin to find a new way of living.

The opinion of CNET France

Who could have imagined Todd Phillipsdirector best known for his very bad tripable to reclaim the worn-out (and sometimes abused) figure of the Jokereternal nemesis of a famous vigilante disguised as a bat?

However, the filmmaker signs the feat by moving away from the codes of superhero films that we expected. No, Joker has no action-packed third act with a Batman landing as a savior. Not even a second. Not even first. To superhero entertainment, Joker prefers to dress in an elegant political, caustic, psychological costume.

Joker is the story of a latent madness just waiting to spill over into a world on the verge of implosion. This is the story of a black comedy, of a permanent malaise, of a bomb dropped on Hollywood codes. This is the story of a deranged and disturbing character, a misfit ready to light the fuse of chaos.

In the skin of this macabre clown, Joaquin Phoenix delivers a literally insane interpretation, managing to register at the same level as its predecessors (except Jared Leto, who remained six hundred meters below) while marking its difference. By offering him his most human aspect, the actor confronts us with perhaps the most terrifying Joker.

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