On Amazon Prime Video, Stallone as a good Samaritan

He was already a superhero before it became all the rage, slaying America’s enemies in ‘Rambo’, knocking out his opponents in ‘Rocky’, dishing out fluff and smashing heads in ‘Cobra’. , “Demolition Man” or the “Expendables”. It is therefore logical that, in turn, Sylvester Stallone wears in “The Samaritan” the clothes of a vigilante endowed with superpowers. But no, not quite…

Because here Stallone, and his character on the screen, Joe Smith – a name that could not be more banal – is none other than a tired old garbage collector, who lives alone in a decrepit housing estate of Granite City, an imaginary city submerged in the destitute. shelter and whose garbage cans are overflowing. One of his neighbours, little Sam, who lives with his mother without money and is beginning to switch to petty crime, nevertheless believes he recognizes in him the Samaritan, a superhero who has been missing for two decades after a Homeric fight against a superhero. villain, Nemesis. Joe and Sam end up befriending each other, which will put them both in danger…

A capital of sympathy

A film originally scheduled for theatrical release, whose filming was disrupted by the Covid, “The Samaritan” is finally streaming on Amazon Prime Video this Friday. Signed Julius Avery, of which no one remembers “Overlord” (2018) – American commandos facing during the Landing of the Nazis transformed into killing machines -, it clearly moves away from the codes followed by the feature films of the universe Marvel, or its rival DC Comics (except perhaps the Batmans of the Christopher Nolan era). This to get closer to works showing jaded superheroes full of flaws, such as those described in “Hancock” (2008, where the main character is an alcoholic) or “American Hero” (2015, where we follow a vigilante party animal, drug addict and immature). An offbeat point of view reinforced by the choice of settings that are nothing but dirty streets, unsanitary apartments or car scrapyards that make fun of environmental standards. Joe Smith walks his tired carcass there, reluctant to go into battle, preferring to pile up pots of ice cream in his fridge and repair objects found in the garbage!

From the second degree that allows itself a few referential winks, like a boxing session on a building roof. Stallone does not force his talent, but his partner in the film, the young Javon Walton, holds him high. “The Samaritan” displaying, moreover, a small social discourse which constantly denounces the widening of inequalities and the homelessness of the poorest, it thus attracts a capital of sympathy which remains after its vision. Rambo had missed his last film, in 2019, but he succeeded in his return in 2022.

Editor’s note:

The Samaritan », American action film by Julius Avery, with Sylvester Stallone, Javon Walton, Pilou Asbaek, Dascha Polanco… (1h40).

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