Noisy-le-Grand: an Amazon subcontractor has not paid its employees since June

The 68 employees of FDL in Noisy-le-Grand have not received their salaries for the month of July. (©TwitterThomas Portes)

Second day of demonstration, Wednesday August 17, 2022, for the delivery drivers of Fast Despatch Logistics (FDL), in Noisy-le-Grand, in Seine-Saint-Denis. The employees of this Amazon subcontractor – an e-commerce giant – blocked the multinational’s sorting center at 3 rue des Aérostiers. They claim payment of their wages and clarification of their situations.

“The company is no longer able to provide you with work”

The 68 employees of FDL in Noisy-le-Grand learned brutally cessation of activity of their company – as well as of all the other French depots – by means of an internal note, sent Tuesday, August 9 to the various site managers. A document thatnews Seine-Saint-Denis was able to consult.

“Fast Despatch Logistics is experiencing an unprecedented situation (…) the Company is no longer able to provide you with work, indicates this letter signed by human resources, without however specifying the reasons for the cessation of activity. However, you have the option of looking for another job, and resign in order to be free from any obligation towards the Company”.

Second option left by the British logistics company: wait for the end of the collective procedure. “This procedure is relatively long for a company that has no less than 700 employees like ours, it could last at least three or even four months depending on the different stages,” she explains.

A choice that looks like an ultimatum for these 50 delivery drivers came to demonstrate on Wednesday August 17, largely precarious by the non-payment of their salaries for the month of July. “It’s unbearable, I had to cancel my vacation and I can’t pay my rent. We have the feeling that we are being pushed to resign in order to give up our rights”, castigates Mohammed, delivery driver, from the rally, at 3 rue des Aérostiers.

“No salary payment date to date”

According to the demonstrators, FDL promises “every day” to proceed with the payment of their salaries, without result for the moment. In its letter of August 9, the firm believes that there is a “strong chance” that the “delay observed for the payment of wages for the month of July will have repercussions for the month of August as well”. And to add: “I am not in a position to give you no payment date to date ».

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Among other things, employees also fear having to give up their meal allowances. Still according to the internal note, FDL specifies that “the meal allowance will only be paid to you if you are in a working situation during the hours giving right to their payment”. However, the company is out of business.

Contacted, Thomas Portes, LFI deputy in the 3rd district of Seine-Saint-Denis, fears that in the end “the salary is not paid by the employees” and calls on the government to take up the situation, in a letter addressed to Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance.

“For more than two years, these deliverers ensured the distribution of parcels, including during the pandemic period. Those are the first of chores which made it possible to hold the country upright (…). You must urgently impose the payment of wages for July and August as well as the payment of all overtime due, ”wrote the deputy, Wednesday August 17.

“Amazon accomplice”

More than FDL, it is the shadow of the giant Amazon which is taking shape, in the hollow of the demonstration. “By offloading to this subcontractor, Amazon is complicit. How to explain that a company who earns millions of euros in profits can’t pay 70 wages? asks Nicolas*, an FDL employee in Noisy-le-Grand, preferring to remain anonymous.

In any case, the event “is renewed until the payment of remuneration”. “It’s better if it happens quickly. The situation is untenable: it risks degenerating, ”he warns.

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