Nintendo UK will not live stream the Nintendo Direct out of respect for this time of national mourning – Nintendo

Despite the uncertainties and rumors of a postponement following the death of Queen Elisabeth II, nintendo announced a new Nintendo Direct dated September 13 at 4 p.m. (French time) (See our dedicated article by clicking here). However, the uncertainties (See our article dedicated to postponement rumours) as to the respect of English national mourning by nintendo were founded since Nintendo UK (the English subsidiary of the firm) has just announced that it will not broadcast this Nintendo Direct live like all the other antennas of the company “as a sign of respect in this period of national mourning”.

Here is the official press release issued by the twitter account of Nintendo UK :

As a sign of respect in this time of national mourning, we will not be live streaming tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct. It will be released as a video on demand on our YouTube channel at 4.00pm (UK time) tomorrow.

It will therefore be necessary to be patient to discover this Nintendo Direct in English version (or watch the broadcast of Nintendo of America in the same language) since it will only be broadcast an hour later on the Youtube channel Nintendo UK.


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