new Vitale card scam, do not reply to this SMS

A new Vitale card scam is spreading in France. Now, hackers are going so far as to contact Health Insurance users pretending to be their bank.

Since last December, a Vitale card scam has targeted the French. As we reported to you last month, this hacking attempt has already reached thousands of users of health insurance.

According to testimonies collected by France TV, it seems that the hacking campaign has recently intensified. According to, the platform in charge of assisting victims of cybermalveillance, this is second most common scam currently in France.

Hackers pretend to be your bank, don’t fall into the trap!

Many French people claim to have received an SMS claiming that their Vitale card will soon be expired. The message relays to a website which takes the interface of the official website of the Health Insurance to the letter. The criminals behind the attack will then ask for the victims’ bank details. With information such as credit card number, scammers can debit the account of their targets.

“They asked me for my bank details and to pay 84 cents. After that I had no further news. I thought to myself that I should have been much more vigilant,” explains one of the victims of the scam. Foreign transfers were then spotted on his bank account. Suspecting fraud, the banking organization blocked the transfers.

To circumvent these security measures, scammers go as far as impersonate bank customer service. With the data collected earlier, they will contact the victim by phone. Several gangs of cybercriminals proceed in this way by impersonating a bank employee.

“The scammer will have all the information to be able to make his attack credible. He will call you, tell you ‘You are Mr. or Mrs. so and so who lives in such a place and who has such a bank card number‘. And there, announcing fraud on his bank card, the victim is put in confidence. She will be able to give in to the various manipulations that the cybercriminal will make her do”, warns Jean-Jacques Latour, director of expertise for

Source: France TV

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