Netflix, Amazon, Disney +… how to choose your subscription to streaming platforms?

Find out which subscriptions and which platforms to choose to watch movies, series, sports matches, or even documentaries.

Are you a sports enthusiast but don’t know which platform or channel to subscribe to to follow your favorite team? More of a cinephile, you want new releases every week, but you can’t choose between Canal + and Netflix? It’s not easy to find your way around all the video on demand offers. Maxime Claudel, journalist for Numérama and Aymeric Geoffre-Rouland, who works for the specialized site Tom’s Guide, give you their advice for finding the subscription that is best suited to you.

1 Young and old: which platform?

For those who are looking for an offer that offers family content, the opinion of the two experts is relatively clear when asked the question: “Disney+ without a doubt.” The most suitable platform, it offers many cartoons from different franchises such as Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars…

And if you think Disney+ is just for kids, think again. According to Maxime Claudel, “Pixar films bring young and old together” in front of the screen. A rather extensive catalog for a price of €8.99 per month. For the same price, you can also choose Netflix’s Essential subscription, the competitor. Dragons, shrek, Madagascar…most Dreamworks cartoons are available there.

2 For movie buffs and series fans

For moviegoers who don’t know which subscription to subscribe to, our experts have the solution. For Maxime Claudel, a cinema fan “must necessarily subscribe to Canal + because it is on this platform that new releases arrive the fastest”. From classics to blockbusters, there is something for everyone, and to redo your cinema culture. The problem, according to Aymeric Geoffre-Rouland, is that this “subscription is not for all budgets” since it costs €34.99 per month. As an alternative, the specialist advises Netflix instead, with a more attractive price and an equally interesting catalog.

And if you’re more into series than cinema, it becomes difficult since it’s complicated to find all the series you want on a single platform… Each service has its own identity, prices and offer. It depends on what you want to watch. Disney+ still offers “more and more good things and becomes a big competitor to Netflix”according to Aymeric Geoffre-Rouland.

3 For sports enthusiasts

Here again, it is a wide choice of video on demand sites available to you. In truth, there is no “good site” sports to recommend, insofar as your choice must depend on your tastes. For Maxime Claudel, “the offer is very fragmented”and “you shouldn’t subscribe blindly so as not to be fooled”.

In detail, you can watch football matches on Amazon Prime, Canal + or even beINSports. In order not to multiply the subscriptions (15 € for beINSports, almost 19 € for Amazon Prime with the sport option, 34.99 € for Canal + sports), the best thing is still to subscribe to packs. SFR notably offers “sports packages” containing in particular RMC Sport, Amazon Prime and beINSports for an amount of 30 € per month.

Aymeric Geoffre, meanwhile, has a much more decided opinion: the specialist advises opting for Amazon Prime at €5.99 per month, to which you will have to add €12.99 monthly to benefit from the sports pack. “We have access to a lot of matches and, big surprise, this year, Amazon Prime broadcast several Roland Garros matches”, supports the journalist. Only downside: its price, which will therefore be 19 € per month.

4 For small budgets

If you can’t afford to opt for one of the paid streaming sites, you can always turn to free and legal options. Aymeric Geoffre-Rouland strongly recommends the Arte TV site, which offers films, series and original content.

For its part, the France TV Slash website offers a catalog aimed at young adults. On the program, original content such as Drag Race France, or a wide range of societal documentaries.

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