Narbonne: the Health Insurance Fund reorganizes its reception of the public

In Narbonne, the CPAM has moved in recent days from Avenue de Lattre de Tassigny to Rue Mazzini. It will keep this new address for nearly a year and a half, until the work on the historic site is completed.

37 avenue de Lattre de Tassigny closed its doors on Monday 16 January. Indeed, the building of the CPAM (Primary Health Insurance Fund) is under construction until the first half of 2024. Policyholders must now go to 67 rue Mazzini, halfway between the halls and the theatre.

Delphine Lebastard, deputy director of the CPAM in Narbonne, points out “two projects in one”. On the one hand, the renovation of the premises on Avenue de Lattre de Tassigny and on the other, before settling there, the development of the former dialysis center on Rue Mazzini. “The first, over about 1,000 m2is an ambitious projectshe assures. Because the building dates from 1984. It has never been renovated and it is dilapidated. It is in dire need of work. There were losses of spaces. It was also a thermal colander. We are also going to take advantage of this to create an eco-responsible building, with the hope of saving up to 40% in energy.”

Concretely, continues the Deputy Director, “we keep the walls and we redo everything, so that the premises are better suited to today’s way of working”. The reception will also undergo some modifications, such as the creation of boxes. The reorganization must make it possible to minimize the number of wasted spaces. Another particularity of this real estate project, “bring back our colleagues from the Lézignan telephone platform”, explains Céline Ferrier, reception manager. As a result, the number of CPAM employees in Narbonne will increase from 79 today to around a hundred.

The building on Avenue de Lattres de Tassigny is currently being refurbished.

During the duration of the work, nearly a year and a half, the CPAM – which moved for three days “without breaking the reception of the public” – will therefore be in rue Mazzini where it rents the premises of the former dialysis centre. “We chose this site for its accessibilityexplains Delphine Lebastard. It’s easy to walk to and easy to park, especially when the theater parking lot reopens.”

Its size, on the other hand, has several consequences. “The site being smaller, and unable to accommodate everyone, the 63 employees of the Fund plus those of the medical level and Carsat (retirement insurance), we created a rotation system. While some telecommute, others return by service, for the sake of well-being and cohesion between employees fully associated with the project.

Due to the small size of the site, the terms of reception have also been modified. “Reception is by appointment only. (on Amélie or 3646 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., editor’s note), physical and telephone, 5 days out of 5, with preparatory calls to optimize it.” A warm welcome “caring and specific” and for which the CPAM also relies on the network of France Service houses, for carrying out the simplest procedures, such as a change of address. That of health insurance in Narbonne is now recorded!

The premises on rue Mazzini now house the Narbonne CPAM.

The premises on rue Mazzini now house the Narbonne CPAM.

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