MONCEAU ASSURANCES life insurance (Capma & Capmi, Dynavie contract), 2022 euro fund rate of 1.75% #Taux2022 – Savings guide

Rates 2022 Monceau insurance

Monceau assurances has announced the rates of return for its funds in euros for its mutual life insurance company Capma & Capmi: 1.75% for Dynavie, Carnet Multi épargne and Carnet d’épargne contracts. Meeting on January 20, 2023, the Board of Directors of Capma & Capmi thus set the profit sharing rates, net of management fees, for 2022, in line with the strategy adopted at the start of 2022: maintaining a good level of solvency by preserving the amount of provisions made. The strategy was also to immediately distribute the capital gains and income generated during the year without condition of holding units of account or amount.

the rate of return of the CAPMA ET CAPMI euro fund, insured by CAPMA ET CAPMI, published in 2023, and used for the year 2022 is 1.750% (net of management fees, gross of social and tax deductions). The net yield of CAPMA ET CAPMI is 1.45% net of social contributions. The previous yield published in 2021 was 1,900%, a decrease of 15 basis points, or -7.89% change. The average rate of return on the CAPMA ET CAPMI euro fund, over 8 years, is 2.14% (net of management fees, gross of social and tax deductions, algebraic average, non-capitalised returns).

Contract Euro funds 2022 rate published(1) 2021 rate published Change 2022
in PdB (2)
vs. 2021
Rates 2022
net for the saver(3)
Change 2022/2021


DYNAVIE 1.750% 1.900% -15 PdB 1.449%

(1)Published rate of the fund in euros, net of management fees, gross of social and tax deductions. (2)PdB: Base Point. Year-on-year change in returns, in basis points (1 basis point = 0.01%). (3) Net performance of euro funds, net of management fees, net of social contributions. Taxation on capital gains remains potentially applicable for redemptions made beyond the conditions of application of the allowance (see life insurance taxation).

PPE: 5 years reserve

Within the framework of the standards enacted by the regulations in force since 2016, in order to have satisfactory levels of solvency ratios, the company considered it prudent in 2022 to hold in reserve the equivalent of five years of participation in the surpluses. This approach is part of a framework in which Capma & Capmi has always aimed to build a lasting relationship with the members who place their trust in it. By way of illustration, some of them are holders of savings contracts which took effect forty-five years ago. However, its constituted reserves cannot be used as a strategy for displaying high participation rates, running the risk of diluting performance, and above all of drawing on its reserves by new opportunistic members.


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