Microsoft: Windows 11 emojis will soon invade the net

News hardware Microsoft: Windows 11 emojis will soon invade the net

The big manufacturers do everything to make their emojis stand out. And even if some of them are available only on their operating systems, Windows now wants to take the opposite view by offering their emojis to everyone.

Windows 11 emojis are open source

With the arrival of Windows 11 on all compatible machines, Microsoft has brought a breath of fresh air to their emojis by giving them a more 3D look.

No less than 1538 emojis will be available for free on the web, and usable by all.. There are also variants of the same emojis but in 2D version, for those who do not like the new aspect of Windows 11 emojis.

To make everything accessible, Microsoft offers you to download any emoji in the format you want (SVP, PNG or JPG). Several variations of the same emojis exist, so you can make your choice.

Originally usable only in the Windows ecosystem (Teams or Office for example), you can now use them everywhere. Whether on social media or otherwise.

The emojis have already been uploaded to Githubclassified by category, because of course, finding your way among more than 1500 emojis may be complicated…

Emojis are available in 3 versions: in 3D, in 2D, and with the black outline only.

A few emojis are missing

Obviously, not all emojis could go open source. Some of them are related to brands, such as the famous Clippy, used in Microsoft Office.

Others display the Windows logo, such as the emojis integrated during periods of confinement, linked to telework in particular. Thus, some emojis could not be made free for rights reasons.

Microsoft’s strategy is simple, that of displaying a more open side, in particular by taking the opposite view from Apple, which allows their emojis to be displayed only on iOS or MacOS environments. In addition to that, making all these emojis available for free will strongly make them more present on the web.

Expect many images, especially on social networks, with small 3D emojis made in Microsoft.

Even if their designs knew how to talk about them at the time of the presentation by Microsoft, the brand knew how to listen to users by giving us the possibility of downloading different versions of the same emoji, like that, no problem.

In the lot, there are classic emojis, but also vehicles, flags, or many other objects. You only have to make your choice, everything is free.

More and more brands are offering open source content, and in Microsoft’s case, believe me you’re going to be seeing the Windows 11 emoji in droves on social media.

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