Microsoft will shut down AltspaceVR on March 30

Microsoft announces the closure of the AltspaceVR platform. The American giant is focusing on Mesh.

Microsoft has decided to scale down its ambitions a bit when it comes to the metaverse. Indeed, in a blog post discovered by VentureBeatthe Redmond company announces that it will close AltspaceVR, the social virtual reality platform it acquired in 2017, on March 10, 2023. The American giant attributes this difficult decision to its desire to focus on Mesh, the platform of mixed reality announced with great fanfare by the company in 2021 and which was later to arrive in Teams.

Microsoft announces the closure of the AltspaceVR platform

“We’re looking forward to all that’s to come, including our launch of Microsoft Mesh, a new platform for connecting and collaborating, which will begin by enabling workplaces anywhere in the world,” Microsoft said. “In the relatively near future, we will be focusing our VR efforts on workplace experiences, learning from our customers and partners, and ensuring we lay a solid foundation to enable safety, trust and compliance. . Over time, we hope to expand this into experiences for the general public.”

The American giant focuses on Mesh

The AltspaceVR shutdown announcement comes after Microsoft confirmed as many as 10,000 layoffs by the end of March. According to the blog Windows Central, Microsoft plans to lay off the entire AltspaceVR team as part of this major restructuring. According to a report from Bloomberg, the company has also reduced the number of its team in charge of the HoloLens. Over the past twelve months, the division has recorded the departure of its former director Alex Kipman, who left the American giant in June amid allegations of sexual assault, and the suspension of his sales contract with the company. US Army HoloLens headsets suitable for the military field. In 2022, Microsoft would also have abandoned a project for the next generation of HoloLens headphones.

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