Microsoft will put tabs in Windows Notepad

Microsoft is testing the integration of a tabbed navigation system into its Notepad app with Insider members.

After Windows File Explorer, it’s Notepad’s turn to taste the joys of tabs. In the latest build of Windows 11 published by Microsoft in the developer channel of its Insider program, the Redmond firm has deployed a new version of its Notepad application. It now supports tabs to allow you to simultaneously open multiple documents in a single software window.

A feature requested by users

According to the post published by Microsoft on the blog dedicated to Windows Insiders, tabbed browsing in Notepad is one of the most requested features by members of the Insider program. Thanks to it, it will no longer be necessary to multiply Notepad windows to open, create or manage several documents simultaneously. This system allows, as is already the case on the file explorer, to detach a tab among all those open to display the note in another window if necessary. Microsoft has also provided an option in the application settings to define whether new documents should be opened by default in a new tab or in a new window.

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The arrival of tabs is also an opportunity for Microsoft to introduce new keyboard shortcuts that will allow them to be managed more efficiently. The Redmond company also indicates that this new version of Notepad benefits from other improvements. The app will now show a small indicator to notify you when a document being edited has been modified, but not saved. In addition, Notepad will now be able to generate a title on the fly for each document created, based directly on the content of the latter.

This new version, still at an early stage of development, may have a number of instabilities, says Microsoft. The company cites as an example the fact that some users may have trouble with certain keyboard shortcuts of the utility. This new version of Notepad is currently only deployed to Insider members registered in the developer channel. It will probably take several weeks, even several months, to see the final version of the tool arrive on all machines.

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