Microsoft wants to revolutionize Windows 12 with AI

News JVTech Microsoft wants to revolutionize Windows 12 with AI

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Launched in 2021, Windows 11 unfortunately did not meet with the expected success. Microsoft has tried to catch up by offering the transition from Windows 10 to 11 totally free, but nothing works… Unless the AI ​​saves everything.

Windows 11, the unloved

Are you a proud Windows 11 user? Congratulation ! You are part of the 15% to use a PC with this operating system. As we all know, Windows 11 is having a hard time establishing itself on the PC market, especially for gamers.

Indeed, many complain about the somewhat excessive use of RAM on this OS, which prevents them from fully using the power of their machine for their video games. Add to that Google Chrome which is increasingly greedy in RAM, and you will end up with 6 to 7 GB of RAM entirely taken, for “not much”… According to data analyzed in October 2021, 71% of PC users had Windows 10. It’s clear that users have a grudge against Windows 11, but Microsoft clearly doesn’t want to give up.

Of course, the Covid (again) has something to do with it, since many users use the version of Windows already preinstalled on their device. And how can you tell that the shortage of electronic components has not necessarily helped Microsoft to democratize their PCs under Windows 11. The current version is however very stable these days, and the major patches, in particular hardware compatibility, have already passed on the bone. Windows 11 just exceeds the number of users under Windows 8, which was however at the time the unloved of all Windows OS.

Microsoft is already working on the next version of Windows, but we already know that the American firm is already very interested in artificial intelligence, evidenced by their recent publications on an AI capable of imitating our voice.

AI has occupied a large place in the media for a few months, and many research fields are currently looking into it. Whether it’s Dall.e for AI-powered image generation or ChatGPT’s near-infallible neural network, AI has become users’ favorite toy and professionals’ best work tool.

According to Panos Panay, executive vice president of Microsoft, the development of artificial intelligence is what will determine the future of many industries.

Windows 12 powered by AI?

Artificial intelligence will reinvent everything about Windows, literally. Like these fully generated models, languages ​​and all images, these models will be powerful and very useful. But it will be very resource intensive, which is why we have never been able to do it before. We have never seen a construction site of this magnitude before, and it is right now. This will require making the boundary between cloud and hardware even more porous, and that’s what we’re going to explore now.

Panos Panay of course expresses that Windows is likely to experience major changes. Given the unpopularity of Windows 11, we suspect that all these changes will be made to Windows 12, of which we still do not know much.

If you remember correctly, Windows 8 had not been very successful and Microsoft very quickly moved on to a new version of the OS, just to avoid losing potential customers. These words are precious for those who would like to take advantage of a stable version of Windows, but above all, boosted by the AI ​​which should bring a lot of new features. If we take a look at what is being done at the moment, especially ChatGPT, we could well find ourselves surprised by what Windows is preparing for us.

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