Microsoft wants Sony to release production details to defend against FTC | Xbox One

This is some exciting new information coming to us today in relation to the progress of the FTC’s lawsuit against Microsoft in the Activision Blizzard King takeover case. Indeed, the Redmond firm would need confidential data belonging to its most important competitor.

Microsoft reportedly needs PlayStation game production details

Indeed, it is a legal document which tells us today that Microsoft would need precise details of the production chain of PlayStation games to support its defense against the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). For Microsoft, this information could be very relevant to defend its case.

“Negotiations between SIE and Microsoft regarding SIE’s production scope and discovery schedule are ongoing. »

Nevertheless, one can suspect that the response will not be so favorable as that on the side of Sony. The request, already extended for a week, may or may not be accepted by Sony by January 27.

Lately, the CMA (UK) and the European Commission were still examining the file to give their verdict despite very likely objections expected from the European Commission. You can find the calendar of the next deadlines in our complete file on the takeover of Activision by Microsoft. If Europe and the United Kingdom validate and do not oppose the takeover, Microsoft could attempt a forced passage and validate the takeover without the approval of the FTC, thus exposing itself to a possible lawsuit in US federal court. .

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