Microsoft To-Do now includes rich text and more widgets on Android

Little by little, Microsoft’s task manager, To-Do, takes on its own identity and moves away from the design that Wunderlist had. This time, Microsoft To-Do is updated on Android by incorporating a rich text editor, list suggestions, widget improvements and more. Next, we show you all the news that came with this update to Android.

What’s new in the latest To-Do update on Android

  • Widget customization. Android users can now customize the To Do widget with options like opacity and font size. Additionally, the app lets you show or hide completed tasks or additional details for each reminder.
  • Rich text for notes. Microsoft To Do Notes now supports rich text editing, allowing users to insert headings and subheadings, highlight bold, italic and underline text, add bulleted lists or numbered and to insert hypertext links. A screenshot showing the rich text editor in Microsoft To Do for Android

  • Auto-suggestions for listings. Microsoft To Do on Android now supports smart suggestions, making it easier to create shopping lists and more. Please note that smart suggestions are enabled by default for the shopping list only and you need to manually enable them for all other lists.
  • Special She Hulk theme.

Some of these new features are already available on iOS. For example, rich text can already be used in the app on the Cupertino operating system. Unfortunately, widgets are more limited on iOS.

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