Microsoft Teams will soon be available in the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 and 11

Microsoft has brought Teams integration to its latest Windows 11 platform, citing the ever-growing popularity of its video-streaming app. However, if you want to download the “classic” version of Teams, you should always go to its official website. However, that may soon change, as Microsoft has now announced that it will soon be making Teams available on the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft recently updated its Microsoft 365 roadmap and revealed that Teams will be available on the Microsoft Store in May 2022. The app will be available for Windows 10 and Windows 11 userswhich will allow them to easily download the application on their PC or laptop.

However, the app will be slightly different for Windows 10 and Windows 11 users. As Windows 10 does not have Teams integration, unlike its successor, it will support work, school and personal accounts on Windows 11. Windows 11 will only support work and school accounts.

Additionally, it is revealed that Microsoft is also testing a new version of Teams aimed at Macs powered by an Apple Silicon chip. This beta can now be downloaded from the Microsoft Teams website.

For those unaware, Microsoft has enhanced Teams to make it a feature-rich communication app for users. The company added end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for individual calls on Teams late last year and support for its new Fluent emojis earlier this year. The app also got 3D avatars and virtual spaces as part of a new Mesh for Teams project.

An Apple Silicon version

Making it available on the Microsoft Store is therefore a good choice, which we would have waited for a long time! That said, you should know that the Microsoft Store once had Teams, but it was only for Windows 10 S users.

Now, regarding the availability of Teams on the Microsoft Store, the company has yet to provide an exact release date. Microsoft has also confirmed that it will make many improvements to the app, including support for more languages ​​for suggested answers on mobile and the ability to force Together mode to be seen by all participants. at a meeting.

It’s not yet known when these improvements and changes will be coming to Teams, but it could be between this month and next month or be delayed! It’s good to see that Microsoft is working to make Teams on Windows easier to access for those who need it.

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