Microsoft PowerToys To Get A New Screen Ruler


Microsoft PowerToys will soon unveil a new feature called Screen Ruler. The PowerToys Github repository reveals the first details of the upcoming new feature that will allow users to measure pixels between objects on the screen.

The new Screen Ruler feature of Microsoft PowerToys will come with four new measurement modes, which will help users make their tasks easier. The four modes include crosshairs, horizontal or vertical distance to nearest object, and rectangular area. Users can switch modes using a small pop-up window at the top of the screen. Clint Rutkas, head of Microsoft PowerToys, gave an early demonstration of the tool in action.

The new screen ruler has another notable feature, with the help of this feature, users can detect borders, buttons, and other parts of the user interface. This feature also allows users to get precise measurements without manually drawing straight lines between two items. Like other PowerToys tools, the screen ruler also has a dedicated and customizable shortcut along with some customization options. You can also check out more details about Screen Ruler in its Github repository.


Github repository manager Clint Rutkas said the Screen Ruler feature is still being tested and the developers are still implementing tweaks and making other preparations before releasing the tool to the public.

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