Microsoft might finally ditch complicated update names

Microsoft could finally ditch the complicated naming of major Windows updates. The next big OS update could end up being called “Windows 11 2022 Update”, instead of Windows 11 22H2.

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Over the years, Microsoft has had a bad habit of adopting complicated denominations for major Windows updates. We had the right to Creators Update for the big update of Windows 10, without forgetting the names of the type Windows 10 21H2 alongside more mundane names like Windows 10 May 2021.

And even at the start, Microsoft had considered naming its updates with the names of animals or famous people, before changing their minds. With these varied denominations, it was sometimes difficult for users to know which was the latest update and under which version their PC was.

However, as our colleagues from The Verge report, Microsoft is preparing to return to simpler names for future major updates to its operating system. Indeed, the next major Windows 11 update, which is scheduled for deployment in September 2022, could be called “Windows 11 2022 Update”.

Finally simpler names for Windows updates?

References to this name have appeared in preview versions of the next version of Windows 11, currently called 22H2. User XenoPanther posted a screenshot of the Get Started app (the app used when setting up Windows on a new PC). Here is what it says: “You are now using Windows 11 2022 Update. Read below to discover new features and to organize things the way you like them”. Let us also specify that this designation was later removed from the Get Started appas asserted by XenoPanther.

As a reminder, this name change would make sense with changes to Microsoft’s update deployment schedule. Indeed and according to a recent report from the Windows Central site, Microsoft is preparing to return to publishing new versions of Windows every three years, while major features would be delivered only once a year.

In other words, this implies that Windows 12 could land on our PCs in 2024, exactly three years after the release of Windows 11 at the end of 2021. Anyway, the next big update Windows 11 update is expected on September 20, 2022, as mentioned above. This update would include a redesigned task manager, new gestures with touch screens, and adjustments to the Start menu and the taskbar.

Source: The Verge

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