Microsoft makes a surprising admission about the PS4/Xbox sales ratio

business news Microsoft makes a surprising admission about the PS4/Xbox sales ratio

The Brazilian documents, submitted to the competition authorities for the proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, never cease to reveal interesting information. When reading certain lines, those interested discovered a funny revelation.

The big blur

For some time, the manufacturer Sony has stopped communicating sales figures for the PlayStation 4. However, if the Japanese company is now focusing on the PlayStation 5, it is worth remembering that the big sister of the white console has sold 117.2 million. Knowing that the figure was stopped several months ago, it goes without saying that sales are even higher. Microsoft, on the other hand, stopped releasing its Xbox One numbers pretty quickly, and all the industry has had for that long was speculation and guesswork. A little blurry to see very clearly, even if we suspected that Sony had taken off – especially after the setbacks of the launch of the Xbox One. Well, today, thanks to Brazilian documents submitted to the competition authority, we know a little more about Sony’s actual sales. And this, thanks to… Microsoft!

Microsoft beautiful player?

Indeed, if we refer to documents, the Redmond giant admits that the PlayStation 4 sold twice as many units as the Xbox One during the previous generation of machines. Based on this revelation and if we believe the latest data, we can therefore conclude that sales of the Xbox One are around 50 million pieces sold. These are the estimates that had been made by analysts, and it gives a figure far from being ridiculous, even if the Xbox 360 peaks at nearly 85 million units. At the same time, the Wii U did not even reach 15 million sales. Unsurprisingly, we therefore have an Xbox One which reached second place on the podium of this generation of consoles, but it was significantly behind its great rival, the PlayStation 4. Something tells us that these official documents have definitely not finished surprising us…

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