Microsoft Lowers Teams Rooms Price, Offers Free Basic Tier (with Device)


Microsoft’s Teams Rooms will soon drop the price of its services and offer a basic Team Rooms service. According to the official Microsoft announcement from August 2022, Microsoft will start offering Microsoft Teams Pro from September 1, 2022, which will replace the Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard and Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium offerings.

Microsoft will now offer Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic for small and medium businesses, and the service offers basic meeting experiences to customers when they purchase Microsoft Teams Rooms certified devices at no additional cost. Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic includes scheduling, meeting joining, content sharing, basic security, and management features.

The official announcement reveals the latest Microsoft Teams Rooms prices. Microsoft will now charge $40 per month for Teams Rooms Pro, which offers enhanced in-room meeting experiences like smart audio or video, multi-screen support, a full set of device management features, and a future differentiated value. Microsoft will offer free trials of Teams Rooms. Only educational, government and charity customers will get a 2 month trial. The rest of you only get a month.


Microsoft customers can also acquire up to 25 base licenses. The basic and pro offers will be announced to the public on September 6, but they can be sold and will be functional from September 1.

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