Microsoft is preparing a more expensive Teams Premium

How do you get more revenue from a heavily used platform without upsizing? By launching a Premium offer of course! Microsoft will launch in February a Teams Premium boosted with AI but more expensive…

At the beginning of last year, Microsoft increased the cost of Microsoft 365 subscriptions (ex Office 365) explaining that the prices had not changed in 10 years while the number of services and applications had continued to increase .

With the current economic crisis and a maturing cloud and collaborative market, Microsoft is seeking new profitability for its offers and to monetize certain innovations, particularly driven by AI.

The publisher will soon be offering a new offer for its Teams collaborative hub. Presented at Microsoft Ignite in October, Premium Teams will thus in the coming weeks welcome new exclusive features such as:
– real-time translation of the subtitling (in other words a transcription in the language of your choice of what the interlocutor is saying),
– the recording of markers to identify when participants join or leave a meeting, the customization of scenes in the “Together” mode,
– SMS notifications to remind you of virtual appointments,
– advanced management with a whole set of analyzes around virtual appointments…

This drift is a little worrying. It is indeed feared that now most of the new features are only reserved for the Teams Premium offer. We can also fear to see Microsoft multiplying the “Premium” versions of its other services instead of simply enriching the existing offers. The publisher has claimed that companies are now looking ” to do more by spending less “, it does not make their life easier for all that.

For the moment, Microsoft has not formalized the price of its Teams Premium offer which is to be launched next February. But some sources predict a price of around $10 per user per month.

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