Microsoft is making ads harder to avoid in Outlook on Android and iOS

Microsoft Outlook is great Ads are all over the internet, even as you scroll through your inbox. messaging app on iOS and Android, but on the other hand, there is something that makes a lot of people stay away from it.

Although it is developed by Microsoft, Outlook mobile comes with advertisements and, for some reason, the software giant now feels that the app doesn’t have too much of it. In other words, while ads are already part of the Outlook experience, Microsoft wants to offer more to usersa recent report from The Verge confirming that it will be harder to get an ad-free experience in the app.

First of all, it is important to understand how Outlook works.

Microsoft allows users to configure Outlook with a single inbox or with a dual inbox configuration that uses AI to send incoming emails to the correct folder. The main inbox is called Targeted and includes the mail you absolutely need to see, while the second is called Other and has a dedicated tab where less important messages are redirected.

The single inbox version of Outlook works like any other email application.

More ads, why not?

A long time ago, when someone at Microsoft decided to ruin the Outlook experience, the company introduced ads in the Other tab when Targeted Inbox was enabled. Advertisements are displayed as an email and appear in the message list of the inbox.

It was recently discovered that Microsoft is now introducing ads in the single inbox version of Outlook as well, and the same approach as described above will be used. Microsoft has already confirmed the change and said the only way to avoid seeing ads in Outlook permanently is to enable Focused Inbox. This way, ads will only be displayed in the Others tab.

Outlook users have been complaining on social media about ads appearing in their inboxes over the past week. Some of them recommended people use other email services instead of Outlook, while others expressed disappointment with Microsoft for following Google’s lead and implementing advertisements as part of the Outlook user interface.

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