Microsoft is exiting the Modern Life Experiences division

Many accused Microsoft of becoming a business-centric company, and in many ways that wasn’t necessarily wrong. Investments in products such as cloudAzure, LinkedIn, Microsoft 365, etc., have all proven that Microsoft is focusing more on enterprise products for one very simple reason: they are the most profitable.

And without a doubt, Microsoft’s strategy has worked wonders, not least because these products have seen tremendous growth, especially in the last couple of years.

However, the Redmond-based software giant didn’t want to leave consumers behind, so as early as 2018 the company formed a division called Modern Life Experiences whose role couldn’t be simpler: win consumers back and endear them. Microsoft again.

With nearly 200 employees, this division was in charge of the consumer side of Microsoft products, and in a way, all these efforts worked very well. Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, Surface, Xbox, and so on, have all seen significant growth in the consumer sector as well.

But according to BusinessInsider, Microsoft is moving away from this division Modern Life Experiences for a reason that is currently unknown. The abandonment by society of Modern Life Experiences could make some believe that Microsoft is once again focused on business. The news comes weeks after Microsoft cut its workforce of 180,000 people by less than 1%, with job cuts in consulting and customer and partner solutions. Microsoft has also cut open positions as it slows hiring amid an economic slowdown.

Microsoft always refocused on consumers

But that’s not necessarily true. Manik Gupta, who joined Microsoft last year as the company’s head of consumer experiences, now plays a much bigger role in the software giant’s long-term strategy, including its relationship with customers. consumers.

However, it’s hard to say if Microsoft is planning any big news for consumers in the long term, especially after the company has discontinued so many of its products in this sector, including Windows Phone, Lumia devices, Microsoft Band and even Cortana. Microsoft’s consumer efforts now focus on Windows, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams for consumers, Surface, and of course Xbox.

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