Microsoft is creating order through a vacuum – Microsoft – News

A year ago today, Microsoft announced that it wanted to buy Activision-Blizzard for 70 billion dollars. A year later the deal is still not finalized, and every day we find a new speaker to come and throw banana peels under the feet of MS such as Gaston Lagaffe preventing Mr. De Mesmaeker from signing the contracts: recently, these are Nvidia and Google who went there with their little advice when no one had asked them anything.

That does not prevent Microsoft from celebrating today by blowing out not one but ten thousand candles. And by “blow out” we mean “lay off”, and by “candles” we mean “employees”. After facebook and Amazon, the boss of MS Satya Nadella has indeed announced a large wave of layoffs, mainly motivated by the tough times. This begins today with 800 departures and will continue over the coming months to reach the rather colossal figure of 10,000, or about 5% of the total number of employees of the box.

Among the branches affected, we find that of hardware (Surface devices or even the very hazy Hololens headphones), marketing, but also the JV division, since both Bethesda Game Studio (which must be more or less finalizing Starfield ) that 343 Industries (which tries to make a living as best it can Halo Infinite) have seen some of their heads fall, without it yet being known to what extent.

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