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Following the announcement by Microsoft France and its partners at STATION F – the largest start-up campus in the world – of theEnvironmental Start-up Accelerator, we are pleased to announce today the list of start-ups selected as part of this ambitious program, focusing on finding solutions to reduce and offset carbon emissions. 6 French start-ups and 1 Dutch start-up were thus selected from the more than 70 applications received.

This initiative is launched in partnership with STATION F, Capgemini, Perfesco (EDF group), Suez, Elaia, Citizen Capital, Time for the Planet, Loamics and ADEME.

7 various structures selected as part of theEnvironmental Start-up Accelerator : their profiles

L’Environmental Start-up Accelerator is a 6-month acceleration program, launched on January 7, and intended to welcome European start-ups working to reduce and offset carbon emissions. The start-ups thus chosen will benefit in the coming months from technical and business support from Microsoft and its partners. The selected structures will thus have access to training sessions and workshops organized by entrepreneurs and developers to present them with the latest technologies designed by Microsoft, as well as personalities from the world of research, engineering or entrepreneurship.

Carbon Time (France) is a company with a mission, supported by the citizen movement Time for the Planet, whose goal is to accelerate the maturation of CO2 sequestration technologies by bringing together scientists, companies and investors. The first scientific project carried out consists in demonstrating the capacities of permanent elimination of CO2 by forced alteration of olivine and mineralization, before a global scale-up.

Granular (France) offers a management platform and trading solutions for the supply of green electricity every hour of the year.

Hydragonix (France) helps green hydrogen producers to be more competitive via a platform for plant operational performance. The structure provides an end-to-end solution by virtually connecting electrolyzer production units to energy markets for optimization of associated costs and services.

Lizee (France) offers its “retail” customers a “re-commerce” management solution for second-hand rental and sale, called Re-Commerce Management System (RMS), combined with logistics services. Lizee helps organizations access the circular economy and adapt to changing consumer behavior.

namR (France) produces geolocated data with high added value on buildings and territories, their morphology, their energy efficiency and renewable potential, their environment, their context, and their climate risks. Developed using Machine Learning and business rules, this data models the physical world and makes it possible to find the best ecological transition trajectories and impact reduction opportunities.

Nooco (France) allows construction professionals to independently measure and optimize the environmental footprint of their projects with reliability and without required expertise.

Space4Good (Netherlands) is a social enterprise using satellite remote sensing and artificial intelligence to positively contribute to many social and environmental initiatives around the globe. Space4Good maps, analyzes and generates complex ecosystems using space observation technologies. Within the Environmental Accelerator, Space4Good will focus particularly on its “Carbometrica” offer, dedicated to agroforestry.

The selection jury was made up of representatives from Microsoft, including our Director of Sustainable Development, Côme Perpère, as well as representatives from all of our partners.

The stages of the accelerator process are described in detail via the timeline visible below:

A Environmental Start-up Accelerator supported by Microsoft France and key partners

Our Environmental Start-up Accelerator could not exist without the support of our partners:

  • Capgemini will offer each start-up up to 20 days of advice to help them test and validate their prototypes.
  • Perfesco (EDF group)will accompany start-ups during dedicated mentoring sessions to help them define their value proposition and business strategy.
  • SUEZ will lead workshops with its experts dedicated to carbon and climate solutions, and will support start-ups in the development of their range of solutions.
  • Investment funds Citizen Capital and Elaia as well as the company with a mission Time For The Planet will make their teams available to start-ups during the acceleration phase.
  • The company Loamics for its part, it will provide access to its unique data processing and industrialization platform for the use of data and artificial intelligence throughout the acceleration period.
  • L’ADEME will offer access to its business offer, to carbon calculator tools as well as to expertise content from its library.
  • F-STATION will allow them to access all the resources they may need to develop their business (community of investors, public administrations, mentoring offices, etc.)

For more details on our partners and their roles in the initiative, see our announcement press release, dated November 10th.

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